Secrets and Traits

Example Secrets

The list below contains a number of possible "secrets". You're character should have at least one secret either from the below, but you are encourage more so to come up with your own, or modify one of the below and flesh it out so that it makes sense for your character.

  • Because of what you have done your family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, and even your dog have come to hate you.
  • Your family (and now you) has inherited a curse.
  • You see things that aren't really there.
  • You were a deserter during the Last War
  • Someone is always hunting you and one day they will find you.
  • You are a criminal who fled their homeland to escape the law, but they seem to find you anyway.
  • For some reason, a former lover or spouse seeks to either claim you back or get revenge.
  • You cannot remember anything about yourself, your past, or your family.
  • You grew up in a forest or some other natural surrounding, but haven't lost all contact with civilization.
  • You have a little brother or sister following you around, he/she is sometime annoying but you love him/her.
  • You are well known for your outlawish past (or present). You may also just look like an outlaw.

Example Personality Quirks

The list below contains a number of different personality quirks. Your character should have one or two quirks of this type, either off this list, or different ones you come up with on your own. Several of the personality quirks on this list could also be expanded to either Character Secrets, Character Traits or Character Flaws. In the case of Traits or Flaws, talk to me about how we could put a numerical representation to the quirks.

  • You are afraid of heights.
  • You find water, particularly deep water, frightening for an unknown reason.
  • You are afraid of spiders
  • You are afraid of being alone.
  • You are too charming for your own good and people overly hate you for it.
  • You are afraid of tight spaces.
  • You have an unfortunate habit of dropping things, knocking things over, tripping, loosing something, and the like.
  • You cannot stand telling a lie.
  • You believe that you are better then everyone else.
  • You actively avoid physical contact.
  • You do not know the difference between right and wrong.
  • You refuse to replace a certain item because it is precious to you; it item has been passed down from generation to generation within your family.
  • Your luck is beyond just bad. You are jinxed and often have extreme failures.
  • You have some strange problems when it comes to money.
  • You have a fear of the dead and dead things.
  • You are afraid of the dark
  • You have an unhealthy obsession with something.
  • You believe that nothing is beyond your ability.
  • You think too much about what you're saying, and you tend to mix languages because of it.
  • You have a bad habit of saying the most inappropriate things at the worst times.
  • Your character has an infallable tendency to stare where they shouldn't
  • No matter the odds, you refuse to retreat from battle due to your overwhelming pride and honor.
  • You like setting things on fire and watching them burn.
  • You have an unnatural fear of fire.
  • You truly believe that if you don't use it, it'll fall off.
  • You are a very heavy sleeper
  • Your limbs twitch periodically.
  • You often find yourself at the bottom of a bottle.
  • You are afraid of things that resemble life, such as dolls and puppets.
  • Your color vision is just not quite right
  • You always have to be the center of attention.
  • You sneeze every time you are in close proximity to magic.

Secrets and Traits

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