Character Creation

Basic Stats / Race / Class

When creating a character the standard rules from the PHB apply. In addition to the 8 standard races I will also be allowing the use of the following: Warforged, Shifters, Changlings (Dopplegangers), Gnomes & Half-orcs (see me). In addition to the 8 standard classes, I'll also be allowing use of the partial Artificer class as recently released on

Character Development

Personailty & Mannerisms
You are strongly encouraged to read pages 23 & 24 of the PHB and consider the questions asked in the Personality & Mannerisms section. You can review that section here ->

Personality and Mannerisms

Character Secrets & Quirks
Each character must have at least 1 large secret that they do not wish to discuss. This secret is most likely (but not nessecarily) tied to the reason that they are adventuring. There is no limit to the number that you have, but at least one secret is a requirement. If you're secret is different or has nothing to do with why you are seeking a life of adventure and danger, you should have a reason for that in addition to your secret. A secret might be something like "Your parents were farmers but you lied about your family so that you could become a knight".

In addition to a secret your character should have at least one or two personality quirks. Personality quirks are generally not things that define who you are or why you are adventuring, but they may play strongly into the role playing aspects of your game. A personality quirk might be something like a phobia, a compulsion or an attitude.

A selection of sample secrets and personality quirks can be viewed here -> Secrets and Traits

Character Traits
Traits are small changes to your character that can help define you a little bit differently from another character. They are optional and not neccesary to be used when creating a character but they can add more flavour. You can view the list of available traits here -> Character Traits Available

Character Flaws
Flaws are another optional component that you can use to help further define your character. A flaw is the opposite of a feat. It is something that hinders your character in a specific way. You may select one flaw for your character and in return you can take an additioanl feat at first level. The list of available flaws & feats is here -> Character Flaws Available

Character Creation

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